Selecting the best eCommerce platform for Startups

If you want to launch an online business, you should know that selecting the right eCommerce platform is one of the crucial aspects of this venture. The appearance and functionality of your eCommerce website will definitely affect the sales. So, the process of selecting the best eCommerce platform for startups should be taken seriously. To save you some money and energy, we have built this list of top platforms that belong to this category.


Shopify is a platform that is often found on top of lists of reliable eCommerce platforms. It’s really easy to use this platform and create a store. After all, this is the reason why thousands of online stores rely on Shopify. Another good thing about this eCommerce platform is that it’s changing all the time. They are embracing the changes in the field of eCommerce and technology and ensuring that the user gets all the tools and features needed for a successful eCommerce venture. There are hundreds of templates to choose from, secure and fast payment gateways and many features that are good for SEO. Shopify is a wise choice in any case, but especially for those who are new in this field.


There’s no doubt that WooCommerce represents an excellent tool for startups, but only if they have a blog or website on WordPress. The reason is very simple – WooCommerce acts as a WP plugin. Even if you already have a WP-powered site, this plugin can turn it into an efficient online store. What’s great is that there’s a high level of customization available to users. You can also integrate it with your PayPal account right away. Almost all the features and options offered by WooCommerce are free, but you can pay for some extensions that can improve the functionality of your store.


We’ll finish this short list with Magento. This is a good choice for startups that are planning to expand and grow in the near future. So, scalability is not an issue if you decide to use Magento. But, there’s a catch. Magento is not the best option for entrepreneurs looking for a platform that’s easy to use. Namely, it will probably require professional assistance to unlock and use all the features offered by Magento. This is something that an ordinary internet user won’t be able to do without help.

Hopefully, this short list will help you create a great eCommerce site for your startup.

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