The best eCommerce platform for startups: a few suggestions

When eCommerce was introduced on the market, many consumers and business owners were skeptical. They were probably right because this thing was completely new and different and the infrastructure was not developed well. But, things are different now and that’s why eCommerce is one of the fastest growing types of commerce today. If you want to do business in this way, you will need an eCommerce website/online store. The simplest way to achieve this objective is to use an eCommerce platform. But, what is the best eCommerce platform for startups at this moment? We have created a list of three of the most successful platforms of this type.


Shopify lets even complete beginners take advantage of the thriving online market. This is a simple eCommerce platform for startups and other kinds of businesses. There is a drag and drop system in place which makes it super easy to build a website. Shopify also offers a huge number of modern templates that can be modified. This platform was built with SEO needs in mind which is great because good SEO can make a difference. Additionally, Shopify is an affordable platform which supports secure transactions and offers many apps for improved functionality.


WooCommerce started as a simple WordPress plugin which caters for eCommerce needs of ordinary users. Today, this is one of the top eCommerce platforms and solutions. So, if you want to use this option, you need a website that is using WordPress. WooCommerce is a free solution which provides complete store ownership. In case you have a website on WordPress, you can turn into an eCommerce website with just a few clicks. What’s excellent is that WooCommerce supports mobile eCommerce and offers integration with many software solutions.


BigCommerce is an established, respected and reliable eCommerce platform for startups. This is a simple, yet effective platform which provides access to a variety of features. It’s definitely very easy to use this solution even if you don’t have extensive technical knowledge and skills. They support mobile-friendly sites and offer a long list of features like shipping quotes, sophisticated analytics and reporting, SEO tools, sales and marketing tools and more. We should also mention that BigCommerce supports integrations with many social channels like Facebook, eBay, Pinterest, and Amazon. We’ve saved the best for the end – there are no transaction fees involved in the process.